Documentation from Sugar vs the Reef


Kim Williams and Lucas Ihlein made this video doco in the lead up to Sunset Symphony in the Sunflowers in July 2017. It was screened as the finale of the event as the sun went down.

The documentary shows the work of Simon Mattsson in developing regenerative agriculture methods for sugarcane, and tells the story of how artists and farmers came together to collaborate on this remarkable public event in Mackay.

Direction and narration is by Kim Kleidon, cinematography and editing by Jac Kotze from Flow Motion Media.

This video shows the SEED & SONG planting day from August 2018 at the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens. On that day, a host of collaborators came together with artists Kim Williams and Lucas Ihlein, to sing, dance, eat, drink, and plant sugarcane and sunflowers.

Local film maker Willem Reichard shot the footage, and our friends from Wayward Films edited it together.

The song which weaves throughout the video is “The Planting Song” by Kim Williams.

This version of the song was recorded by Dave Sheldon at Tin Shed Studio in Mackay, with the voices of Fiona Vuibeqa and her kids Oni and Alec, with Susie and Sophie Mattsson, and of course Kim and Lucas.

This video documents our community sugarcane harvest, Old Ways New Ways, in October 2019.

The documentary shows the finale of the Watershed Land Art Project at the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens. For this project, successive crops of legumes, cover crops, sugarcane and sunflowers were planted over 2 years at a site called “The Beacon”.

Farmers, community members, and natural resource management experts were involved in each step of the project.

Artists: Kim Williams and Lucas Ihlein.
Video camera and editing: Tylah Kinbacher.